About Pets.txt

You've probably heard of robots.txt and maybe even humans.txt but what about our furry friends that help us build our projects? They sit by our sides waiting for our attention and keep us company during those long coding sprints. It's time our companions are recognized for their contributions.

The Spec at a Glance

On your website root,there must be a file called pets.txt.

Reference the file from a link meta tag in your site headers:
<link rel="author" href="pets.txt" />

    /* PETS */

        name: <string>
        breed: <string> (optional)
        favorite toy: <string> (optional)
        about: <string> (optional)
        picture: <string|url> (optional)

Each pet entry must have a line break in between blocks.

Specification Details


Read more detailed instructions and documentation on using or contributing to pets.txt.