Implementation Details

Quick Start

  1. Getting started with pets.txt is simple. Create a file on the root of your website called pets.txt.
  2. The contents of the file is pretty simple with only a few requirements. See the example file below.
  3. Add a link reference in the header tags of your website, <link rel="author" href="pets.txt" />
  4. Put a badge on your site with a link to the pets.txt file.

Example File

    /* PETS */

        name: Santa's Little Helper
        breed: Greyhound
        about: Loves chewing on newspapers.

        name: Scooby
        breed: Great Dane
        about: Kind of a scaredy cat!
        favorite treat: Scooby Snacks

        name: Morris
        breed: Tabby House Cat
        about: Once ran for president of the United States.




Rules marked as must are required for your pets.txt file to be compliant. Rules with should are strongly recommended but not required.



Pet Blocks